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Immigration & Family Law Attorney Lawrenceville

The laws of immigration in the United States is an ever-changing complex environment. Whether you are filing petitions for a loved one or you are dealing with immigration issues for yourself, you need the assistance of your experienced Immigration & Family Law Attorney by your side. Patricia McKenzie is a strong, diligent and passionate advocate for her clients!

Staying On Top Of Immigration Laws

The Law Offices Of Patricia Mckenzie is dedicated to staying abreast on all immigration laws while delivering the best case scenarios for their clients. The importance of having skilled legal representation in immigration proceedings cannot be overstated. It does not make a difference whether you are dealing with replacing a lost or stolen green card or fighting deportation; It is not wise to face these challenges alone.

Handle Your Case In A Timely Manner

Patricia Mckenzie truly understands the importance of immigration proceedings to you and your family. The challenges of dealing with these sensitive issues can be quite stressful. The best decision you can make for your situation is hiring a skilled, experienced attorney to handle these issues in a timely manner. Having the knowledge and experience of The Law Office of Patricia Mckenzie on your side will help you to bypass several obstacles while saving you time and money.

Chances are, your reason for visiting our site is because you are currently facing an adverse immigration situation in your life. Unfortunately, immigration issues tend to put people in the most vulnerable positions. We realize that this is the time you need integrity, knowledge, and understanding. We are here to provide you with everything you need to make this difficult journey smoother

Patricia McKenzie is an Immigration and Family Law Attorney in Lawrenceville that also specializes in other practice areas including family law and personal injury.

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Attorney Patricia McKenzie represented me in my immigration case. Not only is she an aggressive legal professional but also a true humanitarian. She fights for positive results and will stay by your side until the very end. Hiring her was one of my best decisions. Audrey B.
__ Audrey

After a 2 day custody trial parents of a 13 yr old boy and 12 year old girl walk away with each having custody of one child. I represented the mother in that trial and defended her against allegations of neglect and abuse. The Judge ruled to have the boy continue to live with Dad and the girl continue to live with Mom as they had for the last two years. That was a sound decision taken as a win for my client because the guardian ad litem recommended a change in custody.